Soulful Road

If you want complete love
powerful, sweet love
then walk with me
down that soulful road.
A love that is total
and not anecdotal
then walk with me
down that soulful road.

Sometime it seems like you
have no-one to love you
Sometimes it seems that
you don’t have a friend
But I am waiting and
watching high above you
And I will be for you
until the end

So if your heart is polluted
and feels prostituted
then walk with me
down that soulful road.

If your love is tired
and so uninspired
then walk with me
down that soulful road.
If you’re feeling the pressure
of a lifetime of pleasure
then walk with me
down that soulful road.

Sometimes your heart may fail
for no apparent reason
Sometimes your good times
just disappear from sight
I know a place where they
don’t count the passing seasons
I know a place where
no-one cries out in the night
It’s down that soulful road.



I look forward to looking backwards
after time has slunk away.
Seeing you in the distance always
makes me feel a little better.
I’m rewriting my history
and you don’t feature in it.
Retrofitting doesn’t mean
you fit in.

Happy Day

Peeling an orange
and the citrus tang
mixes with the salt
and the thick smells
of the kelp
washed on the shoreline.

Feeling the sand
shift and crunch
between my toes
cool and sharp
uncertain then solid
my feet slide and push through.

Seabirds are singing
perpetually hungry
circling in hope
my orange peel
doesn’t interest them.

I worry too much
almost every day.
I’m not worried
at all.

Touching Distance

The night is only as deep
as it takes me to reach down and find you
and the dark is only as wide
as the distance between our bodies

The night is only as long
as the time taken for heartbeats to echo
and it is only ever as cold
as the moments that you are not here.

People talk about loss and sorrow
as if they were vast and unknowable seas
but sorrow springs from tiny sources
and loss from a second apart.

They say time and distance are relative
but I don’t believe it is so
for time without you is absolute
and touching distance the furthest I’ll go.

Your arrogance

I love to see you strut and preen
and walk
and cast that haughty eye on those
you merely suffer to stand
near you.
I love the way your words
just stroke the surface
and keep the boiling inner self
from completely spilling over.
but most of all
I love your arrogance.

I love the way you make yourself
only on enquiry
and even then I’m not certain you’ll
deem me good enough
I love you calm and certain brand
of self-superiority
that timeless, firm, unyielding

You’re cocksure and impertinent
and think only of your
own needs
and you what’s right and your’re
not afraid to say so
and the rule of what goes round comes round
does not apply to you, sir
All must bend to your magnificent

And I love the way you wear your

The Killer

If you fear the hurricane
the hurricane will find you.
If you fear the bonds of fate
the bonds of fate will bind you.
If you fear the future’s dark
then such darkness will blind you.
The killers slips in through
the unlocked door.

If you hate the hand of god
the hand of god will doom you.
If you hate the grinding mill
then it will consume you
If you you hate flowers of love
then don’t do what its blooms do
The killer climbs the staircase
by the hall.

If the road seems hard and long
then hard and long it will be.
If the knife seems bright and keen
then your heart will cry “kill me”
If your task is cruel and harsh
then no one will show mercy
The killer creeps across your
bedroom floor.

If you wake up from the dream
you still may not survive it
If you vow to mend you ways
you somehow must contrive it.
If hope in you still lingers on
it will not stay alive, it
will perish as the killer
drives his knife.

Adventures of a Saran Girl

I watch you watch me
I play, you play.
I take your money.
I win.

You sigh and squirt your stuff
I sweat and count the bills
Your wife walks in on you.
I win.

Yes I have dreams and aspirations
Yes I went to college and got paper.
No, I do not have three welfare children to support
$40 for three minutes.
I win.

You thank me for my effort
You go to work tomorrow
I sleep in to midday.
I win.